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Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for an employee who has suffered an injury or illness resulting from job-related duties. Coverage includes medical and rehabilitation costs and lost wages for employees injured on the job.¬†

Employers pay for this insurance, and shall not require the employee to contribute to the cost of compensation. Weekly cash benefits and medical care are paid by the employer's insurance carrier, as directed by the Workers' Compensation Board. The Workers' Compensation Board is a state agency that processes the claims. If Board intervention is necessary, it will determine whether or not that insurer will reimburse for cash benefits and/or medical care, and the amounts payable.

In a workers' compensation case, no one party is determined to be at fault. The amount that a claimant receives is not decreased by his/her carelessness, nor increased by an employer's fault. However, a worker loses his/her right to workers' compensation if the injury results solely from his or her intoxication from drugs or alcohol, or from the intent to injure him/herself or someone else.

Protect Your Business and Employees with Workers Compensation Insurance

An accident can happen when you least expect it! Workers compensation insurance will provide the protection you need for your business and your employees. Just one injury can cause an employee to be out of work for months, leading to serious financial hardship. As mentioned above, fault does not matter when it comes to workplace injuries. Therefore, you may be responsible for an employee injured on the job even if the injury was due to their carelessness. Workers compensation insurance can protect your business from a lawsuit and your employees from loss of income.