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Flooding is the highest ranked natural disaster in the United States, according to FEMA. The flood insurance professionals at Insurance Agency., specialize in flood insurance for residents and businesses in Florida.

Our mission is to assist Florida residents with understanding the basics about flood insurance, including addressing the common misconceptions, and to help them with their flood insurance needs. There are 3 main misconceptions concerning flood insurance in Florida. They include:

  • Homeowners insurance covers flood risk. The fact is that homeowners insurance policies typically DO NOT cover flood damage, a point usually highlighted in bold letters on the first page of your homeowners policy.
  • Flood insurance policies are expensive. Actually, if your home or business is located in a Preferred Risk Zone as determined by FEMA, you can purchase flood insurance for as little as $129 per year.
  • Many homeowners think they don’t live in a flood zone. In reality, FEMA has designated the entire state of Florida as a flood zone with varying levels of risk.