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If you own a condo, and need to file any type of a claim, the prospect of replacing all your possessions, fixing busted appliances, or paying others' injury bills is pretty daunting. As with all types of insurance coverage, it helps to have some backup.

Condominiums occupy a special category in real estate, so they have their own unique insurance. Unlike the HOA policy, which is already in place when you buy your condo, unit owner coverage is the policy you have to buy for yourself.

The right condo insurance policy will work hand-in-hand with your homeowners association's (HOA) insurance to make sure you're financially protected from loss, damage, theft, and unforeseen expenses.

You can get dependable condo insurance to protect your personal belongings, liability, and much more with the help of our experienced agents.

Every policy is designed to offer you affordable coverage and flexible payment options.